Materials Chemistry Post Doctorate Scheme


The job has expired.

Number of Positions:
Contract Type:
Permanent - Full Time
Salary from £37,064
Working Hours:
Sellafield, Cumbria
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Business Area:
Fuel, Reactor and Reprocessing
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CA20 1PG

Job Introduction

NNL Post Doctorate Scheme

NNL have launched a new Post Doctorate Early Careers Scheme which will commence in October 2021. The successful applicant to this role will become part of this new scheme. More details on the NNL Post Doctorate scheme can be found at Post Doctorate | National Nuclear Laboratory (

One of the key long-term missions at the Sellafield site is to ensure safe and secure storage of special nuclear materials (SNM) such as plutonium over extended time periods, likely to be in excess of 100 years. The National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is seeking a post-doctoral level scientist from a materials science-related discipline to support studies on the behaviour and lifetime of SNM storage materials under various conditions and to advise on handling, storage and monitoring. The successful candidate will enrol on the NNL post doc scheme alongside working in the working in controlled areas within NNL’s Central Laboratory. The role will require the individual to learn how to operate experiments in gloveboxes and fumehoods under highly regulated processes and secure Developed Vetting (DV) status.


Main Responsibilities

The Main Responsibilities for the Materials Chemistry Post Doctorate Scheme:

  • Provision of specified services to internal/external customers (Sellafield Limited, BEIS, AWE) to agreed standards. 
  • Provide direct support to a manager or group of staff. 
  • Interpret instructions and produces good quality output safely and to time. 
  • Provide technical information, checking validity and records within appropriate guidelines. 
  • As appropriate, participates in the preparation of technical reports and assessments within agreed timescales. 
  • Where appropriate, develop the skills and abilities of others for the benefit of the company. 
  • Work within budgetary limits. 
  • Ensures detailed work records are maintained in accordance with laid down procedures. 
  • Ensures all relevant safety rules and procedures are applied by all staff.
  • Complies with legislative, regulatory and company policy standards and procedures e.g. safety, quality, risk, security etc. applicable to the role.

The Ideal Candidate

Essential Criteria for the Materials Chemistry Post Doctorate Scheme: 

  • PhD in Materials/Chemistry.
  • A proven aptitude for problem solving.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders
  • Knowledge of devising and delivering research and technical projects.
  • Proficient in using software to analyse data.
  • Demonstrable positive attitude to Health and Safety and working to instructions.
  • Ability to achieve DV clearance. 

Desirable Criteria for the Materials Chemistry Post Doctorate Scheme: 

  • Knowledge of the nuclear industry. 
  • Experience of handling nuclear and radioactive materials.
  • Experience in active fume hood and/or glovebox operations.
  • Experience in use of XRD, SEM, TGA.

About The Company

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Recruitment Agency Notice

We operate a strict Preferred Supplier List (PSL) for the provision of recruitment services. Only agencies on our PSL may provide CVs and only when the role is released to them by our recruitment team. We will not accept unsolicited CVs from suppliers not currently on our PSL. We explicitly reserve the right to add candidate details from unsolicited CVs from non-PSL agencies into our own candidate database and to pursue/hire such candidate(s) without any obligation, financial or otherwise, to the agency concerned.