Internal Regulator - Nuclear Safety


The job has expired.

Number of Positions:
Contract Type:
Permanent - Full Time
Salary from £70,192
Working Hours:
Sellafield, Cumbria
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Business Area:
Independent Assurance

Job Introduction

Job Description for Internal Regulator - Nuclear Safety: 

There’s never been a more exciting time to be part of the nuclear sector. New opportunities are being created all the time. At NNL, you’ll be in the ideal place to capitalise on this momentum, face new challenges and develop a long, successful and meaningful career. 

We’re an organisation that’s here to experiment and push the limits of what’s possible. So, if you’re keen to excel in your chosen field, this is the place to do it. Because at NNL, anything is possible.

To lead the independent assurance of Nuclear Safety across NNL and to provide assurance to the NNL Board and Executive Leadership Team on NNL’s level of compliance with Nuclear Site Licence Conditions and nuclear safety regulatory requirements. This assurance will be based on extensive and thorough knowledge and experience of regulatory requirements and

NNL’s nuclear safety operations. This will be done by carrying out 3rd line oversight of the 1st and 2nd line assurance activities implemented by NNL and will include critical evaluation, robust well-underpinned challenge, scrutiny and appraisal of the efficiency and effectiveness of any processes, projects, operations or functions through a programmed regime of interventions, along with communication of the outcome of this work at the Board, Executive and senior leadership levels of NNL.

Additionally, it will enable strategic and tactical decision making on future improvements and strategies within the nuclear safety topic area in order to protect NNL’s mission and vision.

Although a Sellafield, Cumbria base is preferred there is flexibility on base site. The successful candidate will be required to regularly visit NNL nuclear facilities at Sellafield and Preston as part of the pan NNL role.

Main Responsibilities

Main Responsibilities for Internal Regulator - Nuclear Safety: 

  • Providing underpinned assurance to the NNL Board and Executive Leadership Team on NNL’s level of compliance with Nuclear Site Licence Conditions and nuclear safety regulatory requirements, including safety cases.
  • Communication of the outputs of this assurance at the highest levels in NNL in order to create impactful change, uphold high standards and drive for improvements in line with NNL’s ambitions as a credible nuclear operator.
  • Developing strategy and standards, policy and procedures for how assurance in respect of the nuclear safety topic is carried out within NNL, based on best practice nationally and internationally. Assurance on safety cases is contained within the nuclear safety portfolio.
  • Taking clear, timely action through the issuing of notices of concern, compelling advice or sanction in situations where there is a significant shortfall or potential for a breach of compliance with legislation.
  • Preparation, communication, implementation and review of the assurance programme ensuring that it meets best practice of internal assurance and regulation within the nuclear industry.
  • Provision of strategic advice to NNL operations and projects based on extensive and thorough knowledge and experience of regulatory requirements and current regulatory approach.
  • Maintaining strategic relationships with the external regulator (Office for Nuclear Regulation – ONR) and external stakeholders (nuclear site licensee representatives and internal regulators).
  • Providing concurrence with key company decisions within the nuclear safety topic area.

The Ideal Candidate

Essential Criteria for Internal Regulator - Nuclear Safety: 

  • Nuclear safety credibility. Sufficient experience that would command respect and recognition at the highest internal levels as well as in the wider industry/external.
  • Experience of working in the nuclear industry in a number of highly responsible operational roles. This can include, but is not limited to, safety case management, operational management, compliance management with demonstrable experience of working in this environment.
  • Extensive knowledge of nuclear safety case derivation and implementation requirements/site licence conditions.
  • Ability to achieve SC clearance.

Desirable Criteria for Internal Regulator - Nuclear Safety: 

  • Previous experience of working as either an external or internal regulator.
  • In addition to IOSH Managing Safety or equivalent, holding a NEBOSH General Certificate.
  • Member of a professional institution or working towards membership.
  • Experience of applying risk management principles to assurance.

About The Company

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We work on projects as small as drilling a hole to analyse underground wastes with our integrated micro drilling technology, or as large as developing state-of-the-art power systems for spacecraft, based on radioactive materials

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