Safety Case Manager

The job has expired.

Job Reference: NNL/TP/16380/499
Number of Positions: 1
Contract Type: Permanent - Full Time
Salary: £54220 - £64469
Working Hours: 39
Closing Date: 15/08/2019
Job Category: Infrastructure, Compliance & Assurance
Business Unit: Infrastructure, Compliance and Assurance
Location: Cumbria

Job Introduction

A safety case defines how all major radiological, criticality, conventional and chemotoxic hazards are managed/controlled. It defines the boundaries of NNL's operations and is key in demonstrating compliance with site licence conditions. The safety case is continually reviewed and refined and updated to support new operations facility infrastructure upgrades.

The role of the Safety Case Manager is to manage the live safety case in line with nuclear site licence conditions. The Safety Case Manager is responsible for ensuring that the safety case is developed appropriately to support existing and future work requirements.

NNL is looking for a candidate to undertake a responsible safety case position. Applications are anticipated from individuals with scientific, engineering, environmental or safety specialist backgrounds. This is a good opportunity for career development.

Main Responsibilities

The duties of the Safety Case Manager involve, but are not limited to:

  • Management of the safety case.
  • Periodic review of the safety case
  • Development and management of safety case and hazard management strategies to support evolution of the safety case in line with new projects and/or improvements.
  • Ensuring the live safety case & index of change documents are accurate and up to date.
  • Liaison with external stakeholders, e.g. Operations Control Management team, ONR.
  • Liaison with internal stakeholders, e.g. design and plant engineering, operations, safety assessment and other specialists to ensure the safety case remains fit for purpose and meets the facility’s needs
  • Preparation of Clearance Certificates and compliance documentation.
  • Preparation and management of Plant Modification Proposals (PMP).
  • Presentation of safety assessments at PMP and Management Safety Committees as required.
  • Preparation & delivery of training briefing material relating to safety case implementation to relevant personnel,
  • Provision of advice to NNL personnel on scope of/compliance with the live safety case.

The Ideal Candidate

Essential Skills & Qualifications

  • Previous experience of working closely with safety cases, e.g. production or management of safety cases.
  • Understanding of site licence conditions pertinent to safety cases
  • Understanding of processes associated with the approval, implementation and maintenance of safety cases
  • Knowledge of how safety controls are implemented through equipment and instructions.
  • Knowledge of the configuration control of plant and processes.
  • Good communication skills (both written & oral).

Desirable Skills / Qualifications

  • Knowledge of NNL plants and operations.
  • Knowledge of health and safety legislation.
  • Degree or HNC in science/engineering discipline

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