The job has expired.

Job Reference: NNL/TP/16380/643
Number of Positions: 1
Contract Type: Permanent - Full Time
Salary: 31,793
Working Hours: 39 Hours
Closing Date: 03/02/2020
Job Category: Nuclear Operations
Business Unit: Nuclear Operations
Location: Flexible location - Warrington / Cumbria

Job Introduction

We are looking for a qualified statistician who is passionate about understanding and communicating data simply.  Our statistics team provide advice and support in the optimal use of available data through;

  • Supporting scientists in statistical Design of Experiments and the application of sampling theory 
  • Supporting customers with the interpretation of data; through data analysis, empirical modelling and prediction
  • Supporting decision makers to understand the uncertainty in their datasets for instance by underpinning assumptions through the application of probabilistic methods


Main Responsibilities

  • Provide focussed statistical consultancy capability for internal and external customers
  • Assist the technical lead in the delivery of work packages from the development of technical scope through to delivery of customer reports
  • Internal peer review
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of the NNL statistics capability through CPD and providing support to the technical lead
  • Maintain good working relationships with existing customers and develop relationships with new customers

The Ideal Candidate

Essential Skills / Qualifications

  • Graduate qualification in statistics, or relevant experience,
  • In-depth knowledge of univariate analysis (linear and non-linear regression), multivariate analysis, survival analysis, time-series analysis and experimental design methods (fractional factorial designs and response surface methods),
  • Strong communication and organisational skills

Desirable Skills/Qualifications

  • Strong Software Development capability,
  • Knowledge of Operational Research techniques and application,
  • Proven track record in applying your statistical knowledge and experience within the nuclear sector

About The Company

Grounded in robust science and decades of experience, National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is the authoritative voice in the UK and beyond for technological development within the nuclear power sector.

Our unparalleled understanding of the science, challenges and opportunities makes us an unrivalled authority and partner in the field, providing experts, technologies, and access to cutting-edge facilities to organisations around the world.

Harnessing potential technologies and translating them into to industry-ready solutions means our pioneering approach spearheads international improvement and technological progress.

We work on projects as small as drilling a hole to analyse underground wastes with our integrated micro drilling technology, or as large as developing state-of-the-art power systems for spacecraft, based on radioactive materials.