Capability Manager - Separation Science & Special Nuclear Materials

Job Reference: NNL/TP/8344/826
Number of Positions: 1
Contract Type: Permanent - Full Time
Salary: Starting at £61,887 Pay Band 3 Zone B (Upper)
Working Hours: 39
Closing Date: 21/07/2020
Job Category: Fuel, Reactor and Reprocessing
Business Unit: Fuel, Reactor and Reprocessing
Location: Sellafield, Cumbria

Job Introduction

The role of Capability Manager is a key management role within NNL and it requires an experienced individual to effectively manage a team, which in this instance specialises in glovebox operations and chemical processing and separation alongside physical characterisation and inspection of nuclear materials and containers providing a service for a wide range of customers. A Capability Manager must effectively manage resources and deploy capability within the team to effectively deliver work for NNL’s customers.


Job Context & Challenges:

The role of a Capability Manager is a complex one and requires an ability to balance several high importance areas in parallel while maintaining a focus on the ongoing high-quality delivery to the satisfaction of NNLs customers. The resourcing of key singleton resources is particularly challenging and one which requires delicate stakeholder management with PMA (projects), the Account Directors as well as the customers themselves.

Ensuring a balance of workload across the team – and ensuring that the correct capabilities and skills are developed and nurtured within the team to meet not only the current customer’s needs, but also the needs of future customers’ demands is an important aspect of the role.

Focussing on the progression and development of individuals within the team is also a key focus for any Capability Manager – aligning that to the succession challenges specific to a given team/capability area.

Main Responsibilities

Principal Accountabilities: 

1. EHSS&Q Accountabilities: 

The Capability Manager (CM) will be accountable for EHSS&Q within their team: 

• Duty of care for all staff identified 

• Ownership and safe operations of equipment and facilities 

• Delivery of projects, programs and technical work 

• Delivery of the EHSS&Q Assurance and Improvement Plans 

2. Capability Accountabilities: 

The CM will be accountable for all resources within their team: 

• Staff: Leadership, performance, SQEP, development, technical training, progression and recruitment 

• Facilities & Equipment: maintenance, renewal, disposal, repair, inspection, access and utilisation. 

3. Budget Control Accountabilities: 

The CM will support the Capability Leader for all budgetary control associated with their team and will be measured against budget control through KPI’s: 

• Staff costs including, recruitment, training, progression, T&S. Reward and Recognition.

• Facilities & Equipment costs maintenance, renewal, disposal, repair, inspection, access and utilisation 

4. Customer Delivery Accountabilities: 

The CM will be accountable for all customer delivery associated with their team: 

• Work with Account Directors and Customer Workstream Leads to engage with customer to maximise all business opportunities 

• Technical excellence in customer delivery 

• Technical resolution 

5. Leadership Accountabilities: 

The CM will be accountable for cultural and business strategies associated with their team: 

• Development of the team in line with business requirements and recognising technical advancements 

• Quality of science and customer delivery 

• People performance, development and cultural change


Authorities & Dimensions:

- Supervises 1 Band 3B Production Manager

- Manages a Team of approximately 40 – Directly supervises 15-20 – and the remaining 15-20 are line managed by the Band 3B Production Manager

The Ideal Candidate

Qualifications & Experience (academic and work experience required for the role)


• A directly relevant science degree (e.g. chemistry, materials, mathematics or physics) or an equivalent level of relevant experience.

• Demonstrable experience of managing a team.

• Ability to attain DV Clearance


Desirable Skills/Qualifications:

- Valid UK driving license

- Experience of nuclear operations and an understanding of nuclear safety and nuclear security culture.

About The Company

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We work on projects as small as drilling a hole to analyse underground wastes with our integrated micro drilling technology, or as large as developing state-of-the-art power systems for spacecraft, based on radioactive materials

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