System Engineer (Area 400)

Job Reference: NNL/TP/24943/964
Number of Positions: 1
Contract Type: Permanent - Full Time
Salary: Salary from £46,542
Working Hours: 39
Closing Date: 04/02/2021
Job Category: Infrastructure, Compliance & Assurance
Business Unit: Infrastructure, Compliance and Assurance
Location: Sellafield, Cumbria

Job Introduction

The System Engineer is a new position within NNL, reporting to the Infrastructure Compliance Engineering Manager they shall be responsible for ensuring that all equipment within Area 400 is operational and kept within given tolerances of operational values. The role will be a key part of NNLs ability to support the Reservation of Capacity (ROC) that provides essential capability to support the Sellafield Ltd Can Surveillance Programme.

The ideal candidate will be experienced in working in a regulatory capacity, detail orientated, and be able to work to stringent deadlines.

Main Responsibilities

  • Responsible for development of pragmatic fit-for-purpose engineering solutions that meet the objectives of the organisation in a cost-effective manner
  • Support & Challenge maintenance activities within Area 400 by implementing and maintaining the technical basis of maintenance (TBoM) process, in addition they will assist with planning for complex maintenance activities based on insight and equipment experience
  • Comply with legislative, regulatory and company procedures and standards e.g. safety, quality, risk, security appropriate to the role
  • Responsible for ensuring the delivery of work complies with all site requirements and plant and personnel are operating within the safety envelope
  • Responsible for assisting in the production of any Engineering PMP’s required within Area 400, this will include presenting at committee.
  • Primary interface with Design team on any changes to plant within Area 400, this will include design proposals, system drawings, reviewing design change packages and installation and testing procedures.
  • Responsible for reviewing of appropriate logs, equipment parameters and work request histories and analysis trends. They shall make recommendations to the Engineering Manager to improve systems and processes based on the results.
  • Responsible for producing and maintaining the Area 400 Critical spares and Obsolescence database, ensuring forward plans are in place to replace equipment within acceptable timeframes.
  • Requirement to become a key member of the Engineering Strategic Planning room during Emergency response.
  • Responsible as owner for the upkeep and control of all Infrastructure Compliance owned maintenance procedures and instructions relevant to Area 400.
  • Assist the Engineering Compliance Manager to provide coaching and mentoring to any new Engineers required for succession planning within the Engineering team. In addition to this the System Engineer will also assist in the development of any Graduates/Apprentices that may work in their areas.  
  • Attend any forums as appropriate to keep abreast of best practice around other facilities, responsible for sharing and implementing any learning around their facility

The Ideal Candidate

Essential Skills/Qualifications:

  • Degree Qualified or HND in an equivalent discipline. Relevant experience may be considered in lieu of stated qualifications
  • Hold IOSH Managing Safely or equivalent as a minimum qualification
  • Ability to demonstrate supervisory experience for operations undertaken within a nuclear plant
  • A thorough awareness of nuclear, conventional safety and security requirements applicable to their area of responsibility
  • Good general safety case awareness with demonstrable knowledge of nuclear safety mechanisms (SM), safety related equipment (SRE) and Safety Features (SF)
  • Strong communications skills, ability to communicate key information with customers, suppliers and stakeholders
  • Ability to demonstrate conservative decision making, even in pressure situations 
  • Demonstrable knowledge of operational & maintenance requirements
  • Evidence of self-motivation with demonstrable levels of drive, energy and resilience
  • Ability to interface on a technical level with Design and Capability teams 

Desirable Skills / Qualifications:

  • Requirement to become appointed as Person Organising Work
  • Requirement to become appointed as Safety Supervisor
  • Required to become Authorised Person
  • Required to become PMP Manager 
  • Requirement to become appointed as Sub Contractor Supervisor
  • Requirement to become appointed as SQEP Glovebox Operator
  • Requirement to become appointed as SQEP Fume hood Operator

About The Company

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